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Lee de Forest was married four times. His first marriage, the courtship of which was said to be carried out using the wireless, lasted only a few months. Marriage by text message? His second wife Nora was a civil engineer, but their civil union only lasted one year and resulted in a daughter. His third marriage, to opera singer Mary Mayo, lasted at least twelve years, and resulted in two daughters. His final marriage to silent screen star Marie Mosquini lasted from 1930 until his death in 1961.

The newspapers in 1930 wrote this about the union: Wedding bells rang and the organ played “O Promise Me” in October 1930 when Lee de Forest, age 59 married Marie Mosquini, then 31. The headline in the Los Angeles Times read, “De Forest Marriage Verified.” Apparently it was a Hollywood secret: “Rumors current in Hollywood that Dr. Lee de Forest, noted inventor known as the ‘Father of Radio,’ and Marie Mosquini, screen actress, had been secretly married at Tijuana were confirmed yesterday in dispatches from the border town.” From the book "Lee de Forest, King of Radio, Television, and Film."

It was through the efforts of Marie de Forest that the papers of her deceased husband were given to the Perham Foundation, the collection now at History San Jose.


Lee de Forest, 1873-1961, was an inventor and scholar who made significant contributions to the science of electronic communications during the first three decades of the Twentieth Century. He held numerous patents on the technology of radio, television and film.

Above, the second de Forest wife, scientist Nora Blatch. Below wife three, Mary Mayo with daughter. Below, wife four, silent screen actress Marie Mosquini.

Left, the de Forest home on the Hudson called Riverlue. Above, with Marie at home in Hollywood.

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